Our Story

We used to live on a much bigger farm in northern Alberta, where we raised Katahdin sheep and Spanish meat goats as well as llamas. As we have got older, we have gradually cut down and now only raise llamas and grow hay.

At one time, we were active in the sheep and llama industries, helping to organise shows, put on displays at events such as the Hastings County Ploughing Match,  and worked on various livestock committees.

Our Approach

Although we are not certified as an organic farm, we raise our animals in as natural way as possible and try to give them a happy life.

We do occasionally fertilize our hay fields with manure, but we do not use any pesticides or herbicides.

We also believe in renewable resources, so we have solar panels on our barn roof which happens to face south.

Meet the Team

We are just a husband and wife team. No extra help!



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